A state of mind?

It’s a bad day. You wake up in the morning and still feel last evening’s dinner taking selfies in your stomach. You get a coffee and spill it all over the place before you had a chance to drink it. The train is late. You slept too little. Your class is exhausting. You’re getting punished for […]

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Lose. Learn. Live.

You only have one life. And this life is your responsibility. So make sure to make the most of it. Fuck it up. Get an opportunity and screw it. Be sad, lethargic and hopeless. Recognize where you failed and why. Realize that it’s really only your fault. Think about it over and over again with […]

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Where are we?

When I was around 16 years old, I had many stupid and weird ideas. Particularly when I was with my friends and family who were, and are, quite odd as well. I remember well when I went to a large city close to where I grew up. I went there with a friend, we probably wanted to […]

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How not to lose your mind

I get bored easily. And I can get bored with a lot of things. Boredom is such an ugly feeling. You feel useless, stupid, old and angry at the same time. Something needs to change. The place, the lover, the job – you. Change is everything. Change is good. But change doesn’t always just happen […]

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